What is Facet Joint Replacement for Facet Pain?

Facet joints are primary elements in your spine structure, guiding and limiting the movement of your spinal motion segment. For example, the facet joints in the Lumbar spine protect the motion segment from excessive rotation, flexion, and anterior shear forces. These functions become damaged and painful from frequent dislocation, degeneration, injury, fracture, and instability from trauma.

Facet replacement is the surgical replacement of a facet joint to treat disc degeneration and pain. The procedure replaces the damaged facet joints with artificial alternatives, restoring proper motion and back stability of the spinal segment. Health officers also use facet joint replacement to alleviate pain in the patient’s spine structure. When appropriate, it also acts as a valid substitute for patients unsuitable for Artificial Disc Replacement but who want a motion-preserving solution.

The facet replacement procedure starts by stabilizing the lumbar spine before reestablishing a controlled range of movement. The patient should regain their ability to walk, bend, flex, and enjoy everyday activities. During the first weeks of healing, all facet pain and discomfort should alleviate gradually. Individuals suffering from persistent leg and low back pain should consider facet joint replacement as a practical solution to restore comfort.

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