How a Nurse Works at an Emergency Hospital

Nurses play a critical role in streamlining operations in the emergency room. They provide primary medical practitioners with the necessary assistance, like stabilizing patients and dispensing medication. Although the ER nurse profession involves long shifts and dozens of challenges, seeing the glowing faces of patients you’ve helped is satisfying. On average, one nurse handles three to five patients.

It’s practically impossible to predict the activities of an emergency hospital. It means the responsibilities of an ER nurse vary with the shift they’ll be working, and the patients admitted.

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Note that factors like culture, local industries, and landscape will influence the cases and injuries received. Apart from their professional responsibilities, ER nurses also have to maintain a social life for a healthy lifestyle.

It’d help to note that an ER nurse’s roles differ from an average nurse’s. They don’t have the luxury of time to follow a linear path of care provision since most patients they handle require immediate and critical attention. To save lives, ER nurses must assess, diagnose and treat injuries quickly and simultaneously. It means the ideal emergency room nurse must be a good communicator, committed to lifelong learning, and think fast on their feet.