What Does Physiatry Entail?

The world of healthcare is an expansive one, and there are countless different specialties and focuses that a doctor can move into. From psychiatry to pediatrics, there are endless jobs for those who want to become medical professionals. Another key area of the medical and healthcare industry in physiatry. This area of health science focuses on physical medicine and rehabilitation. In this informative video, we’ll learn more about physiatry and what it entails as a medical practice.

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Any physiatry recruiter will tell you that physiatry is a crucial, important area of the medical world. This sphere includes acute and chronic conditions of all sorts. Some of the most common issues that physiatry professionals help with are muscle and joint problems, back and neck pain, and neurological conditions. All of these issues impact how you move and function, so physiatry aims to relieve this pain and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Physiatry focuses on non-surgical care, so professionals in this field utilize skills such as chiropractic care, sports medicine, and orthopedic care. Radiology is also another key component of this realm of health and science. To learn more, keep watching!