# Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder or Other Mood Disorders

Bipolar disorder is something that affects many people around the world. This PsychHub video talked about the three types – Bipolar I, Bipolar II, and Cyclothymic. There are several symptoms that you should know about. Here are three of them.

The first is mania. This is when people feel almost invincible – they go for long periods of time without sleep.

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Depending on the type of Bipolar disorder, it can last anywhere from four to seven days. Also, it can manifest itself anywhere from age five to later in life.

Second is depression. People feel like they can’t do anything. They have no energy and they tend to avoid people. When it comes to Bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, people can have both mania and depression or just one or the other. It varies from person to person.

Third, these mood disorders can also lead to things like psychosis, anxiety, eating disorders or even substance or alcohol disorders. Trained professionals can help people get through this with medication and therapy. People with Bipolar disorder can lead productive lives.