Nurse Staffing 101 Nurses Who Dont Work in Hospitals

People passionate about caring for others often opt to work in nursing. There are specific steps to follow to graduate as a registered nurse. One of the requirements is the completion of an internship. Upon completion, graduates are free to work at any facility they choose. The YouTube video “Ten cool nursing jobs outside of the Hospital” covers the ten most popular alternatives.

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Also, the video highlights the expected salary in these jobs.

Which Nurse Is Most in Demand?

There are two pertinent points most people consider when looking at a career in nursing. The first is the salary. A good salary and good working hours offer an excellent work-life balance. There’s no point in taking a job with a great salary if the hours take away from personal time spent with family. The second most pertinent point is the demand in this field. A job with high demand means that there will always be work or that work is easy to find.

One of the most popular settings for registered nurses is aesthetic nursing. Nurse staffing in this field is in high demand. This is a growing field under the nursing umbrella. Two of the driving forces are the salary and the working hours. Nurses have more options today than ever before.