What to Know Before Your IV Treatment

For individuals undergoing infusion therapy, the video “Infusion Therapy: What to expect – Gundersen Health System” provides helpful insights into the process, ensuring patients feel well-prepared and comfortable.

Before beginning an IV treatment, patients will attend an educational session with a nurse to learn about what to expect. Treatment days can be lengthy, involving lab work, waiting periods for lab results, and possible provider consultations.

To ensure comfort, patients should dress in layers, as temperatures may fluctuate.

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Heated blankets, recliners, TV, Wi-Fi, computers, DVD players, books, and magazines are available to make the experience as pleasant as possible, but you are also free to bring your own forms of entertainment. Snacks and beverages are provided free of charge. Due to limited space, only one guest is allowed per patient, but exceptions can be made for pets.

The infusion therapy process also includes support from an emotional support dog, if desired. Nurses will monitor patients’ well-being and offer medication for side effects if needed. After the infusion, a provider will discuss what to expect in terms of post-treatment side effects, such as fatigue or nausea.

Gundersen Health System aims to celebrate patients’ accomplishments and provide a supportive environment during infusion therapy.