What Services are Offered at Your Local Urgent Care Clinic?

If you’re faced with an injury, you may have to decide whether to go to an urgent care clinic or an emergency room. The decision behind that choice is often influenced by the services offered by the urgent care. As the physician’s assistant at OrthoIndy describes in this video, urgent care clinics see everything from bumps and bruises to strained muscles, sprained joints, and broken bones. She goes on to say that they most commonly handle broken wrists and sprained ankles.

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When deciding whether or not to visit your local urgent care clinic as opposed to an emergency room, there are a few things to factor in. If you have a recent injury but it is not life-threatening, would prefer to avoid waiting rooms full of sicknesses, or are looking to save a bit of time and money, an urgent care clinic may be the best choice for you. Typically a facility will have on-site x-ray machines, surgeons they can call or refer you to if needed, and the ability to set you up with a follow-up visit. The next time you or a loved one is injured, your local urgent care may have the answer!