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Your Wellness Enthusiast Checklist

A few decades ago, if you mentioned the topic of ‘wellness,’ it was assumed you were talking about physical health. But today, wellness refers to the body, mind, emotions, and spirituality. Today’s wellness enthusiasts have a checklist that encompasses all aspects of health, and these concepts may be on your wellness checklist:

1. Assess Whether You Need Rehab After a DWI

No one wants to be in a car accident. If you were driving and were charged with a DWI, you would have to go to court. As a result of your DWI charge, you may be ordered to go to a DWI rehab facility. Before you go to court, contact a DWI lawyer.

Find a lawyer who has experience with. DWI cases. Your lawyer will prevent your conviction, if possible, or secure the lightest sentence possible under the circumstances. DWI lawyers are knowledgeable about the laws of your state and can provide both education and emotional support.

Before entering a DWI rehab facility, you must undergo detoxification under a doctor’s supervision. After that, you will go to a 90-day rehab facility to receive individual and group therapy, as you learn to live without abusing alcohol. Going through the program may be overwhelming, but a wellness enthusiast will see it as an opportunity. The rehabilitation process can provide a new beginning for your life.

2. Ensure That Your Plumbing Works Properly

Your home must be clean and safe to live the healthiest life possible. If you need to know the status of your plumbing system, contact a plumbing inspector. A plumbing inspection uses a licensed plumber to check the condition of your toilet, sewage system, sump pump, and water heater. They’ll be looking for current problems and let you know about issues that could occur in the future.

It’s recommended that homeowners have a plumbing inspection at least every two years. Although an inspection can be costly, most home experts agree it will save money in the long run. By finding problems before they occur, you can save money or prevent future home damage.

Licensing and insurance are the minimum requirements for a professional plumber. When calling to find the right local residential plumber, look for a firm that will give you a warranty for their work. They aren’t worth hiring if they’re unwilling to stand behind their work.

3. Consider if You Require Septic Tank Services

During your plumbing inspection, the plumber may tell you your septic tank needs service. If your plumbing inspection was a while ago, you should check your home for problems that could signal an issue with your septic tank. If your toilet is clogged and won’t flush after you’ve used a plunger, you may need to contact a septic tank expert. Clogs often occur when people put non-biodegradable material in the toilet.

One common material placed in toilets is ‘flushable wipes.’ Despite the label, they aren’t meant to be placed in residential toilets. Another problem with septic tanks is excess water in the pipes, which occurs when you wash dishes in volume rather than short loads – or take showers that use too much water.

The septic tank professional will pump out the wastewater from your system. They will use a tanker truck and take the wastewater to a local wastewater processing system. To ensure preventative measures for your septic tank, a wellness enthusiast should arrange for septic tank pumping every two to five years.

4. Look into Softening Your Water

New homeowners may not realize the importance of using a water softener. A water softener’s main benefit is removing the calcium and magnesium usually contained in water from municipal pipes. Removing these minerals will make your skin softer, and calcium deposits won’t clog your pipes.

With a water softener system, tap water will also taste better. Since a wellness enthusiast knows an adult should drink at least eight ounces of water daily, the better taste will be good news. Another benefit of softened water is the improved appearance of your clothes. With the ‘hard’ minerals removed, your clothes will usually be brighter and softer to the touch.

A water softener installer will ask how many sinks you have, and how many people live in your home. With that information, they can show you several choices for a water softener system. If the system you buy has a complex installation system, contact a local contractor certified by the Water Quality Association.

5. Research the Cost of Installing Solar Panels

You’ve probably read many news stories or heard personal accounts about solar panels. Most experts agree that, despite the cost, solar panels are not only eco-friendly, but they’ll also save you money on your energy bills. Solar panels will help you control your energy use, and you’ll be satisfied knowing you are lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

A wellness enthusiast should strongly consider adding solar panels to their home. If you’re wondering whether solar panels are a good choice, assess your home’s location. The direction of your home will determine how much sunlight you’ll get on your roof. Experts say a west- or south-facing roof will benefit most from solar panels.

In addition to your future energy savings, it’s good to know that homeowners who install solar panels in some states can receive an income tax credit. When you contact a solar power company, they can visit your home for a consultation. After looking at your home, the solar energy technician can review your options. They will not only give you a quote for the service, but they will also explain the timeline of the installation process.

6. Discuss Your Financial Health with an Expert

As a wellness enthusiast, you know every aspect of your life contributes, to some degree, to your overall health. Your finances should be in good order so you can live comfortably. While examining your life’s aspects, talk with a financial expert about your financial health. Financial experts agree one of the most critical signs of economic health is to have an emergency fund and a savings account.

Your emergency fund should cover three to six months of living expenses.
A savings account is also an essential sign of financial health. Another sign of economic health is to be able to live within your means. Living within your needs will ensure that you will survive the most untoward events that may affect your finances.

In the unfortunate case when your finances have failed, and you need to declare bankruptcy, the bankruptcy attorney you choose can help determine your future. Your attorney will be instrumental in your financial future, so pick someone with whom you feel comfortable. When looking for an attorney, look for a team with bankruptcy experience since they’ll know how to help you properly navigate the process.

7. Decide What You Want for Your Estate

It may seem very challenging to consider the prospect of your death and what to do with your assets. However, a wellness enthusiast knows life won’t last forever. You must consider estate planning if you want control over who will be entitled to your assets. When you have an idea of your wishes, in this regard, you should discuss them with your family.

As difficult as this will be, having that conversation now will relieve some of your family’s stress after your death. The discussion will help you be transparent about how you want your assets to be distributed. It can also help you see the level of involvement each family member would like in distributing your assets. After the discussion, you might choose a healthcare power of attorney or a financial spokesperson.

In addition to your family, talking to a trustworthy team of estate planning lawyers is essential. Once you know your wishes for your estate and have considered your family’s feelings, contacting an estate attorney will help you put those wishes into action. They will also explain how your state’s laws may affect the assets you leave for your family.

8. Create a Plan for Your Loved Ones

While working on estate planning, you probably began contemplating your funeral. Although you won’t be there to see your funeral, you may want to know if it will be conducted in a specific way. You may want to choose special music or to have the service done in a particular way. Planning your funeral service is the kind of activity a wellness enthusiast will embrace; so your loved ones won’t have to plan the funeral when your death occurs.

Which elements of a funeral service are most important to you? Your family may not be aware of your desires regarding whether your funeral service will have religious elements. Your family may – or may not – know your preferences for which clergy should be there. One of the most critical decisions for you to make is whether you would prefer burial or cremation.

If you prefer cremation, you’ll need to contact a cremation professional. A funeral home with cremation services may provide a room for your family to hold a funeral service and a viewing before the cremation process. After your body is cremated, the cremation professionals will give your family a container that contains your cremains (the ashes resulting from that process.)

9. Take Good Care of Your Pet’s Health

When you think of how much love and enjoyment your pet adds to your life, it can be easy to see why caring for your pet’s health is part of being a wellness enthusiast. Veterinary experts recommend basic guidelines for caring for pets, including current vaccinations. Just as you need to eat healthy foods to keep your body healthy, your pet also needs healthy foods. Many veterinarians recommend against commercial pet foods, due to their high percentage of processed ingredients and preservatives.

Healthy pets also need regular exercise. Lack of exercise will result in obesity and put them at risk for other diseases – just as it would for humans. Pets need interaction and play to remain mentally healthy. Regular pet grooming is also essential, as it provides an additional interaction source with them and keeps their fur healthy.

Finding a veterinarian to head your pet’s health team is an important choice. Before selecting a vet, visit their office for a tour. You’ll want to be sure their office is clean and that you feel comfortable with the staff. Ask about what services are provided at veterinary clinics, such as whether they do lab tests and X-rays there. Find out their office hours and the procedures you can follow for an emergency visit.

10. Visit a Psychic About Your Future

Although many people leave the events of their future to chance, others are anxious to know what could happen – so they might have a chance to change the things they don’t want. Some people have consulted psychics, and those who are wellness enthusiasts may change how they care for their health. If you haven’t visited a psychic, you should know that not all operate similarly.

There are things you should consider before your first visit to a psychic.
In a recent article by an experienced psychic, they advised prospective clients not to give away too much personal information. Giving a psychic too many personal details can block their ability to provide you with a fresh reading. Most psychics prefer to home in on your aura and allow their psychic ability to govern what they say. If you have specific questions for the psychic, keep them until the psychic is done giving the reading.

When visiting a local psychic reader, you may hope to hear specific information. However, even if a psychic senses your preferred answer, a good psychic won’t give you false information. If the psychic gives you an unwanted prediction, try to realize that it may, ultimately, be for the best. You can’t know for sure how all the related events will pan out, and what you fear now may be a good occurrence.

As a wellness enthusiast, you’ll be alert for signals from your body, mind, and spirit. By taking care of everything that influences your current condition, you can make a healthy investment in your future. As you focus more closely on your wellness, you’ll feel better. By keeping those healthy habits, your future health will also be better.