While Some Who Purchase Celexa Benefit, Others Do Not


Celexa is a relatively recently developed medication that is taken by people who suffer from depression. Some people who purchase Celexa do not experience any of the negative side effects that are listed on the side of the box of this nonprescription medication, while others who purchase Celexa have serious side effects that often cause them to end up taking other drugs to help combat their depression. Celexa works differently in the body for everyone, so after consulting with their medical professionals people often go one way or the other with relation to making a purchase. They either purchase Celexa or they do not.

The hope for those who purchase Celexa is that the drug will help ease the symptoms of depression they have and that it will make their suicidal tendencies subside. Some who purchase celexa are extremely happy with the results they see. These people often report significant and dramatic changes in their lives after taking the drug for just a few days or weeks. These people are the reason why Celexa is on the market. They have success with the drug and often go on to lead happy and more normal lives.

The flip side of this equation is less fun, since some people who purchase Celexa wind up filing a Celexa lawsuit after having significantly worse depressive symptoms after taking the drug. For these depression sufferers, Celexa did nothing to make them feel better and nearly everything to worsen the symptoms they already are exhibiting. These people normally will head to a Celexa message board prior to contacting an attorney and filing a lawsuit, if only to find kinships in others who have had serious side effects from taking the drug.

On both sides of the equation, talking with their doctors about the drug before ever taking it is advisable, even though those who purchase Celexa ultimately do not require a prescription for it. However, just like with any other drug on the market that is available by prescription or without one, discussions with primary care physicians or psychologists help tremendously. Doctors are often more aware of a particular drug’s side effects, and they know their patients’ history too. Often, drug interactions are at play when serious side effects occur, and these physicians have their patient histories in front of them and can instantly let patients know whether they feel Celexa or another medication will help.