What to Know Before Making These Medical Investments

Taking care of your health is likely one of your top priorities. Many medical procedures serve a necessary purpose, while some are done to enhance the quality of life. All of them have value, according to your point of view. Here is a list of some of these medical investments:


A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who uses their knowledge of human anatomy to provide treatments to allow the body to heal itself. Many of their treatments utilize their hands and target the placement of the spine’s bones. Chiropractors refer to many of their treatments as ‘adjustments’ since adjusting the position of muscles, bones, and soft tissues can relieve pain and restore function.

The spine has 33 vertebrae (spine bones) covering the spinal cord from the neck to the base of the spine. In between the vertebrae are gel-like pads called discs. If the bones or discs become misaligned, it can cause pain and limit mobility. To eliminate pain and restore function, an adjustment will place pressure on the back or neck to push the bones and discs back into alignment.

Clients who seek these medical investments include those who have been injured in auto accidents or by medical conditions that change the alignment of the spine. Chronic pain and impaired mobility can often be relieved at a chiropractic clinic. According to Denefits, a visit to the chiropractor without insurance could cost between $60 to $200.

Back Support

Jobs that require repetitive bending and stretching or cause the employee to lift heavy objects can cause back pain. As noted above, chiropractors can help clients find back pain relief. In addition, according to Medical News Today, some clients can also take measures at home or at work that can provide further assistance with back pain relief. Although many of these medical investments are free or incur only small costs, they can make an immeasurable improvement in your overall health.

Posture can significantly influence your spinal alignment and, therefore, how your back feels. If you have a back injury, you can alternate using an ice pack and a heating pad. Some people apply topical analgesics for back pain – including homeopathic solutions, such as arnica. According to Medical News Today, if you are overweight, losing weight can provide a significant reduction in any back pain you may have.

Companies with employees at increased risk for back pain include healthcare companies, construction companies, and manual laborers. Because of that risk, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates the distribution of back support devices that support the lumbar spine with correct alignment. According to Ortho Bracing, a back support device could cost between $50 and $300. Some employers also recommend specially designed shoes, which provide additional postural support and correction.


Dermatologists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. They receive the same training as other medical doctors and have an additional residency in dermatology. A dermatologist will provide diagnosis, guidance, and treatment for clients with a variety of skin problems, from teens with acne to elderly clients with shingles.

When you visit a dermatologist, most of their examination will concentrate on your skin. However, the doctor will also take blood tests and other diagnostic tests. Sometimes, a dermatologist may have to take a biopsy or other invasive test to investigate the area further. After a biopsy, the doctor will send a sample to a laboratory for analysis.

Most clients’ skin problems can be improved with topical or oral medication. Some clients visiting dermatologists have chronic conditions, like rashes, for which they may receive injections during their doctor visits. Some conditions may respond to ultraviolet light therapy. According to Century Medical, a visit to a dermatologist for these medical investments can cost between $160 and $300.

Medical Spas

The popularity of medical spas has been increasing as people have discovered the benefits of the treatments provided by the staff of those establishments. According to VeryWell Health, a medical spa typically offers services at a day spa, including medical procedures previously offered only at doctors’ offices. These services can include spa treatments such as facial massages and services intended to provide cosmetic changes, such as eyebrow threading, chemical peels, and cool sculpting.

These treatments are performed by trained practitioners called estheticians. Traditional day spa treatments offered can include seaweed wraps, massages. Herbs and essential oils will typically be used in wraps, facials, and aromatherapy. These medical investments can be comforting and rejuvenating for clients who receive them.

Medical spa treatments can include Botox treatments. Botox is injected into areas of the skin that have wrinkles or scars. The treatment will smooth the wrinkles. According to GoodRx, the average cost for Botox treatments in 2022 was approximately $500.

Family Dental Office

Taking care of our teeth is an essential part of maintaining overall health. Although many people see a general dentist, clients seeking dental care for all their family members often prefer to visit family dentists. A family dentist provides dental examinations, dental care, and dental education for clients of all ages. Clients who make dental health part of their daily regimen of living healthily may especially appreciate the opportunity to have everyone’s dental care managed by the same practice.

As general dentists do, family dentists perform dental x-rays, oral examinations, and periodic dental cleanings. They can help clients with cavities, broken teeth, and toothaches. A family dentist has an opportunity to not only give attentive care to each family member but also discover a dental hygiene trend in a family that would benefit from proactive dental education.

These medical investments are offered by dentists who undergo additional training to provide care for clients of all ages. A family dentist will be equally prepared for the first visit of a one-year-old as for a visit when that baby’s great-grandma is being measured for a dental bridge. Their extensive training gives them a unique perspective, as it helps them become the ideal family dental provider. According to Cary Crescent Dental, the average visit cost (including cleaning and exam) would be $120, while a visit for filling a single cavity is $100.

Gentle Dentistry Practice

Gentle dentists are another type of dentist who offers most dental services. The most significant difference is that these dentists gear all their treatments toward clients fearful of dental pain. These practices can benefit children but have also been shown to be preferred by clients who have dental anxiety, or for clients who are autistic. Those clients may have had a previous dental experience that caused them pain, but some develop this fear merely from anticipation.

According to Smile Design Dentistry, these medical investments by concerned dental practices often begin with the phone call that books your appointment. Offices are equipped with comfortable waiting room furniture and dental chairs. A gentle dentist’s approach to the client would be cordial and provide an atmosphere of patience. The client will be encouraged to signal any discomfort.

The dentists and hygienists will go out of their way to make each touch during the visit as pain-free as possible. Even providing dental anesthesia must be elevated beyond jabbing a needle into someone’s gums. Nitrous oxide is frequently used to quell client anxiety and especially anxious clients can be prescribed oral medication to bring about additional relaxation an hour before the procedure. These extra actions may add incremental expenses to your dental fee, but clients who need or want a gentler approach will consider those approaches to be a necessary expense.

Orthopedist Office

An orthopedic specialist provides care for clients who have injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These systems are responsible for mobility and dexterity, so a challenge to those systems could be ruinous to a client’s ability to walk or work. An orthopedist begins with the same training as any other medical doctor, followed by a residency working with a trained orthopedist. Many athletes could utilize these medical investments since sports injuries often impact bones and muscles.

Remedies offered for orthopedic challenges can include oral or topical pain medications. Injections of steroidal medication can reduce inflammation in a joint. At times, severe arthritis can cause the synovial fluid that is normally able to cushion a joint to be pushed outward, a knee-region version of a slipped disc. When this occurs, orthopedists can also use injections to replace the synovial fluid.

Orthopedic surgery could involve a joint replacement, or bone repair. After surgery, the orthopedist will assist with the client’s rehabilitation decisions. According to MDSave, the national average for a visit to an orthopedic doctor is between $138 to $196. As for a complicated orthopedic procedure such as a hip replacement, according to Care Credit, it can vary widely – between $18,175 and $53,750.

Foot Doctor

Other types of mobility impairment can occur in people with foot problems. Those clients will need assistance from a local podiatrist. Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who care for foot injuries and bone malformations. Clients can incur foot injuries in sports encounters, auto injuries, or arthritis.

Diabetics will need their toenails cut by podiatrists to prevent injury. Diabetics’ increased risk for foot injury exists because the circulatory impairment caused by diabetes can worsen any accidental cut and lead to gangrene. In addition to trimming the toenails of diabetics, podiatrists will regularly examine the vulnerable areas between the toes and the soles of their feet.

Podiatrists are often charged with measuring the feet of clients who have irregular foot bones. The foot measurements are used to create orthotic (corrective) shoes. For those with the most severe foot injuries, podiatrists can also perform foot surgery. According to MD Save, a visit to a podiatrist to take advantage of these medical investments would cost between $167 and $267.

Breast Enlargement

Some women feel unhappy with their breast size and decide to enlarge their breasts. This procedure is done by a plastic surgeon and is referred to as breast augmentation. Some clients may choose this surgery because they feel that bigger breasts can make them more attractive. If a woman has breast cancer and has their breast removed by mastectomy, they may have a version of the surgery called a breast reconstruction.

These medical investments are currently done by a plastic surgeon, and can be done in the hospital or at an outpatient surgery center. At the beginning of the procedure, the doctor makes an incision and lifts the woman’s skin and any existing breast tissue. A breast-shaped implant is placed in a pocket near the pectoral muscle. Sutures fix the implant in place, close the incision, and finish the procedure.

Breast implants are typically filled with either saline or gel. The plastic surgeon who performs the augmentation will discuss the alternatives with the client before the surgery and will normally allow the client to choose the one they prefer. According to GoodRx, a client will pay between $6000 and $12000 for this surgery.

Personal Injury Attorneys\

People who have been hurt in an auto accident or injured by another person can get help from personal injury lawyers. These attorneys are responsible for helping the injured person get financial help to pay their medical expenses. Every state has different personal injury laws, and a skilled personal injury attorney will be knowledgeable about the latest laws in their state.

A personal injury attorney will work with auto insurance companies and health insurance carriers. They can advise the client about which kind of documentation will be necessary for the claim and may recommend medical specialists who can examine you. These medical investments can sometimes be the determining factor in winning or losing your personal injury case. According to All Law, a personal injury lawyer is typically paid between 33% and 44% of the fee that the client is awarded in the case.

Although some of these medical investments may seem primarily related to vanity, they can also have a functional purpose. For some clients who undergo these procedures, improving their self-esteem can impact their performance at work or their relationship with their family. If you decide to work with any of these professionals, here’s hoping it will bring the positive changes you seek.