What Is a Drug-Device Combination Product?

The world of healthcare products is humongous, complicated, and overwhelming. There are countless studies, trials, and tests that a medication needs to go through before heading to shelves or being prescribed to a patient. There are pharmaceutical options for just about any ailment or disease we’ve ever come across, spanning mental, physical, and psychological health. However, sometimes a prescription alone isn’t the best approach to treating an illness. This is where FDA combination products, or drug-device combination products, come in. In this informative video, we’ll take a closer look at these treatment solutions and what is included in them.

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A drug-device combination product is just as it sounds: a combination! Since physical ailments have such a large range, there are a large portion of them that require more physical device-based treatment rather than medication alone. While many psychological and mental disorders can be addressed solely with medication and counseling, a device may be required for more physical problems. A drug-device combination product combines the strengths of both of these kind of treatment to allow for a quick recovery time and optimal treatment results for the patient. To keep learning about these products, keep watching this helpful video.