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What Hormone Replacement Therapy Is

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Hormone replacement therapy is a very controversial topic today. For instance, you may have heard about how to lose weight with it. Nevertheless, you still may not know exactly what is being discussed. In order to get a better understanding of this topic, it’s important to look at its history, as well as its evolution.

New advances in this field are still happening. This means that there will soon be a lot of great benefits for many women, one of the biggest being its ability to help reduce the risk of some diseases. Other benefits to hormone replacement therapy include fewer signs of aging, cancer prevention and the reduction in the risk of heart disease. Disadvantages include the potential to exacerbate some types of cancer.

If you decide that hormone replacement therapy is right for you, keep in mind that it can be used in both humans and animals. Therefore you’ll want to make sure that the product you use is made by a compounding pharmacy, not a pet pharmacy. This will make a big difference whenever you stop to consider the differences between humans and animals.