What Does the Ketamine Treatment Process Look Like?

Ketamine treatment can be intimidating to newcomers. There is hesitation around IV insertion and the stress associated with medical procedures. However, this shouldn’t dissuade anyone from seeking necessary treatment. Before IV insertion patients will sign consent forms and will be fully informed about the process.

During the demonstration, Dr. Mandel meticulously walks through the IV insertion process, underlining safety measures and the precise connection of the IV to a pump for administering the treatment. He focuses on the equipment’s accuracy in delivering the required dosage, aiming to alleviate any concerns about the treatment process. Once the patient is comfortably arranged with various monitors, including an EKG, blood pressure cuff, and finger monitor, they will be ready to begin their treatment.

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As the ketamine treatment begins, the emphasis shifts to patient comfort. A nurse can provide additional relaxation aids to patients like offering an eye mask or playing soothing music to enhance the patient’s comfort and relaxation throughout the therapy session. Patients may even forget how nervous they were before they started the process.

In conclusion, undergoing ketamine treatment need not be daunting. Rather, it can be quite a calming and potentially relaxing experience. If you’re ready to start looking into ketamine treatment, talk to your doctor about your options.