Understanding a Visit to Your Local Eye Doctor

Regular appointments with trained medical professionals are essential in order to maintain your health. Optical appointments are something many people avoid in order to save money. However, avoiding these appointments can have significant effects on your vision. Understanding a typical visit to your local eye doctor can help to ease your mind over the process of letting a professional examine your eyes.

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The first thing the optometrist will do when you go to your appointment is measure your eyes. This will allow they to be prepared to handle any issues you may be experiencing. If you’re aware of any issues with your vision, it’s imperative that you convey these issues to your optometrist. Doing so will help them determine the possible issues that may be impacting your vision and develop a strategy to address these problems.

From here, the optometrist will conduct standard vision tests, such as having you read letters from a distance with an eye covered, to determine the quality of your eyesight. They may then have you perform the test again with both eyes uncovered. This will allow them to understand the distance at which you’re able to read.

For more information about the typical visit to our local eye doctor, please review the attached video.