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Celexa is a powerful anti depressant drug that has been prescribed to people to help them with depressive and anxious feelings. Unfortunately, this drug has also had a rather unfortunate impact on many of the individuals who used it. Those who have questions about this powerful drug, or feel that they have been a victim of some of its rather unpleasant side effects may want to consult a Celexa message board. By reading about other peoples encounters with Celexa, men and women who were affected will be able to decide what to do next.

Those who have taken Celexa may have noticed fatigue, vomiting and anxiety. Women in particular may have also noticed rather severe menstrual cramps. And then there are of course the birth defects that have been reported by women who took the drug when they were pregnant. Some women suffer depression while pregnant, and are prescribed medication to help them cope. A percentage of women who took the drug while pregnant reported birth defects including cleft lip, clubfoot, craniosynostosis, Autism spectrum disorder and heart defects.

Those that were encouraged to purchase Celexa and now have to see the terrible result reflected in their children may want to consider filing a Celexa lawsuit with an experienced attorney. Some patients may not have been fully made aware of the possible risks that they were taking by their primary doctor. Those individuals that feel that they were taken advantage of can seek a settlement. It may never heal the damage done to themselves or their children, but it could help ease the financial burden that drugs like Celexa can cause. Those seeking peace of mind should always make sure that they consult with others and with the top legal professionals. Only then will they be able to get all of the answers that they have been searching for.