The Drug Celexa

Celexa lawsuit

Celexa has long been a drug to treat depression and anxiety and other disorders as such. To purchase Celexa, one must obtain a prescription for it from a psychiatrist or medical doctor. One cannot simply purchase Celexa over the counter. The inability to purchase Celexa is a way in which the government maintains a level of control over its citizens. Celexa is a powerful drug with powerful side effects. You cannot purchase Celexa until a doctor feels that you have a medical condition in which the benefits of Celexa can provide you with the relief you need in order to be emotionally and physically capable.

For many that have been given a prescription to purchase Celexa, they have found both relief and symptoms of side effects from taking Celexa. Celexa can cause dizziness and irritability, and can even result in other more dangerous conditions as a direct result of taking Celexa. Since patients have been able to purchase Celexa, some have fallen victim to other life threatening illnesses that are directly linked to Celexa. If you purchase Celexa under doctor’s orders and have found yourself suffering from these life threatening illnesses such as pulmonary hypertension you may be entitled to money from the Celexa lawsuit. These rising medical conditions have made people things twice before they purchase Celexa, even if they are given a prescription to purchase Celexa under a doctor’s orders.

Due to the harmful and life threatening side effects that Celexa has caused, many that are being affected or fear the risk are joining together. The Celexa lawsuit is a way in which they can receive the financial support they need to deal with the aftermath of it all, and the Celexa message board online is a way in which they can get the emotional support they need to cope. There are others on the Celexa message board that are suffering the same effects, and could use someone to talk to or vent to who understands exactly where they are coming from. With all that has come to light about Celexa, many are looking elsewhere for depression and anxiety treatment when their doctors suggest that they purchase Celexa.