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Spas in the Denver Area

Cherry creek day spa

There are a number of Cherry Creek spas, as well as in other locales around the Denver area. Whether you are looking for a spa and hotel hideaway for a weekend excursion or a Denver day spa for a quick massage, mud bath, or body wrap after work, there are many spas in cherry creek and the general vicinity that can help you! A Cherry creek day spa will offer a number of services that encompass the range of procedures you would normally see elsewhere, but Cherry Creek spas that also offer overnight accommodations may provide different holistic remedies, relaxation techniques, or light fitness classes.

These light fitness classes usually include yoga, pilates, and light step aerobics. Some classes also include meditation and other relaxation techniques. The point of day spas and spa getaways is to escape the stress and everyday tension of work, school, and other responsibilities. Spas usually also maintain a sauna or bath area where you can sit, relax, and luxuriously bathe. Some have a workout area, if running on an elliptical or lifting weights helps you to relieve stress. Most are located in a rural area and surrounded by nature.

The range of procedures offered at Cherry creek spas and elsewhere has been expanding in recent years to accommodate more aesthetic services as well as traditional massages, body wraps, and acupuncture. Some spas offer services such as Botox, bikini glamour, lash extensions, and more! With every coming year, the range of spa procedures expands due to advancing technology and the latest fashion trends. Bikini glamour is similar to henna and consists of painting on designs in one’s bikini region. The traditional spa treatments have also expanded to encompass other areas of the body; currently, a number of Cherry Creek spas offer facials and body scrubs specifically for your bikini region and buttocks.