Information for those considering a Celexa lawsuit


Many men and women who took Celexa may have found themselves the unfortunate recipients of some unpleasant or even life threatening side effects. by looking up information about this powerful antidepressant on a Celexa message board, people may be able to make a more informed decision about whether or not they wish to contact their lawyer to file a Celexa lawsuit. Filing a Celexa lawsuit could be the first step for people to truly begin a recovery after having to go through the side effects this drug is known for.

Many people who may be considering a Celexa lawsuit may have suffered painful or discomforting side effects when they were supposed to be under treatment for depression. Some of the people who took this drug may have experienced heart trouble, as well as pain throughout the body and trouble sleeping.

One of the biggest reasons to consider filing a Celexa lawsuit is because of the birth defects that have happened because of it. Many women who were instructed to purchase Celexa by their doctors while they were pregnant gave birth to children with terrible birth defects. Anyone that gave birth to a newborn baby with cardiac or pulmonary hypertension may discover that they have a wonderful case to bring a Celexa lawsuit forward.

A Celexa lawsuit could help people get their lives back on track. Whether someone wishes to confront a doctor that did not properly explain the risks the company that put out the drug without properly explaining things to the public. With the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, anyone could get the settlement they need to pay for what could be very expensive medical bills. A Celexa lawsuit could also give a sense of closure to those that feel like they or their children were robbed of a normal and healthy lifestyle.