How to know if filing a Celexa lawsuit is the right option

Celexa lawsuit

Many people who were prescribed Celexa may have suffered from one or several unpleasant side effects. Some of these side effects may have been somewhat of an inconvenience, but many of them could have been severely devastating for people. Celexa is an SSRI anti depressant drug that was prescribed to people, including women that were pregnant. Many of these women and other patients may be eligible to file a Celexa lawsuit. Such a lawsuit could be the first step in helping to set things right for those that were so negatively affected.

Some of those that were told to purchase celexa may have suffered from such side effects as insomnia, diarrhea, sweating and weight changes. Other less common side effects have included vomiting, dizziness, mood swings and cardiac arrhythmia, which can be incredibly dangerous. Those that may be worried about what to do because of these and other effects could look on a Celexa message board, so that they can see what others did when faced with similar circumstances.

Perhaps the most devastating side effects of Celexa were the ones that took their tool on the unborn children. Primary pulmonary hypertension, cleft palate and other terrible effects have been known to occur in children that were born to mothers that had taken this drug. Many of these instances may have required the parents to pay for expensive treatment for their children.

For those parents that want to make things right for themselves or their children, filing a Celexa lawsuit with a qualified attorney could be the best way to start. The most compassionate and caring attorney can be there for everyone that has suffered because of this dangerous antidepressant. Any individual that feels that they may have suffered as a result of Celexa should find out immediately if they have a case worth pursuing. Doing so could give them the means to finally start the healing process.