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With detox being seen as the first step to one’s recovery process from an addiction, there is help that is required, and often it comes in the form of detox facilities. The detox center is much more equipped to handle the patient suffering from addiction. Detox treatment involves three key steps before the detoxification is complete. These are the evaluation, stabilization, and transfer into a treatment program that will eventually address the larger need. Detox facilities follow these steps to help the patient achieve sobriety, and with marijuana as the most commonly used illicit drug in America today, it is no wonder that detox facilities will be busy. Additionally, detox facilities will find themselves busy with the over ten percent population of men and women who are binge drinkers. Alcohol detox is in a category of its own among detox facilities. The treatment is specialized and an alcohol detox center over a drug detox center is the best way to go about treating this since the patient can go through a period of confusion and suffering. Ultimately, every patient experiences something different as they endure the withdrawal. The detox facilities that are licensed by the state are equipped to handle these sorts of problems. References: