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Contact a Specialist to Resolve Painful Back Problems

Joseph verska boise

The “S curve” shape of the spine is made up of three different segments. From top to bottom, they are the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar sections. Because of its complex nature, there are many issues in the spine that could develop and cause lots of pain or difficulty moving. If that is the case, by working with Joseph Verska Boise residents can get nearly any problem fixed. Because of his skills and experience, Joseph Verska Boise spine surgeon, can help individuals suffering from a wide range of issues.

Over the course of an active life, there are all sorts of problems that might develop in a spine that will need to be fixed by a specialist like Joseph Verska Boise residents have access to. Many individuals talk about having a “pinched nerve,” which is a nerve root injury known in medical terms as cervical radiculopathy, in their shoulder, upper back, or neck. While some will need to contact Joseph Verska Boise in order to fix that issue, others will need a discectomy in order to remove hearniated disc material that is pressing on either the spinal cord or a nerve and causing pain or other problems. Either way, by getting in touch with Joseph Verska Boise residents are able to get the care and pain relief they need to stay active.

While some of the problems that Joseph Verska Boise residents will contact are able to be fixed by one surgery or procedure, others will require treatment over a greater period of time. Issues like degenerative disc disease, which can occur anywhere on the spine but generally occurs in the lumbar region or lower back and the neck, or cervical, region, might require consistent treatment. Whatever the case may be, by contacting Joseph verska boise residents can get one procedure or many in order to help heal and overcome back issues.

The spinal column is comprised of vertebrae, which are small bones stacked upon one another. Between them are intervertebral discs that provide cushioning. Because these parts of the body are so important, getting in touch with Joseph verska boise spinal surgeon is a good idea. The amount of problems that can arise in a back, and the situations that cause them, is virtually incalculable. As a result, Dr Joseph Verska Idaho specialist can be a valuable resource for anybody experiencing pain or limited mobility because of a spinal problem.