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If you suffer from depression or social anxiety, you may have considered turning to medicine for possible cures and alternatives. One such medicine is Celexa, a prescribed anti depression drug that has also been given for different health and mental well being issues, including Social Anxiety Disorder. A Celexa message board can provide you with more information about the drug and what you can expect if you decide to ask your doctor for a prescription, which can be valuable information. You can also use a Celexa message board to find information on Celexa lawsuits which may be relevant to your situation or the situation of a family member. Like all medications, Celexa needs to be taken according to the prescription given by a medical professional.

The advice that you get from a Celexa message board is no replacement for actual medical experience and advice that a doctor could provide. If you want to purchase celexa then it is always best to do it through official channels as well, as only a doctor can tell you what the proper dosage will be for your physiology, body mass, medical history, and for the other medications which you may be taking at the same time. Visiting a Celexa message board can give you valuable insight into what life is like before and after the drug has been administered, which may be important if you want to better understand how to manage your life and the symptoms of depression and social anxiety. The experience of other Celexa users may inform you of just how beneficial the drug can be, and what it can and cannot do for you. Although some may turn to drugs like Celexa as a miracle cure for all of their symptoms, a Celexa message board can give you stories of those who are actually taking the drug, and what it has done for their lives.

If you decide that Celexa is the right drug for you based on Celexa message board, then speak with your doctor about an examination to ensure that you are a candidate for the medication. He or she may want to give you testing before you are cleared to take it. These tests are for your own safety and well being. Remember, medication can do a lot to help you, but it cannot replace the knowledge of knowing what to do when you need help.