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  • The Poison IS in the Dosage

    For people who purchase Celexa, they should know that Celexa lawsuits are pending. This is to say that people should monitor the Celexa message board to find out about potential risks to product. A Celexa message board can provide people with the information that they need to learn about the health risks and side effects […]

  • The Value Of Celexa Message Boards For Patients

    Depression is a serious issue with many Americans face every day, but Celexa may be prescribed to treat this and other problems that you may be facing. You should always consult with your physician if you believe that Celexa is right for you, and monitor any side effects that you may be experiencing when you […]

  • If You Ever Took Celexa, You Should Know This

    Are you taking Celexa? If you are, you may be one of the millions of Celexa users who are using the drug safely and with the supervision of a doctor. Then again, it is possible that you experienced such adverse Celexa side affects that your quality of life was impaired. If you were pregnant while […]

  • How Filing A Celexa Lawsuit Could Bring About Real Change

    Celexa has given many people the ability to see the light at the end of the very dark tunnel of their lives, yet many more people have earned zero benefit from using the antidepressant. In fact, for many people who have chosen to purchase celexa a lawsuit has become the result because of the intense […]