Answering Common Questions About Alcohol Rehab

If you want to know more about alcohol rehab, stay tuned and watch this video. Doctor Anna Lembke tackles some of the most common questions on the topic.

Alcohol Withdrawal
Trying to give up alcohol cold turkey can be life-threatening, according to Doctor Lembke. Sudden withdrawal in people who drink copious amounts daily could experience delirium tremens, leading to death if there’s no treatment.

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Between days three and ten is the most high-risk period that could be life-threatening due to psychosis and other physical health conditions like extremely high blood pressure.

The psychological effects of alcohol withdrawal can lead to depression and anxiety. Doctor Lembke noted that during the critical stage of three to ten-day stage, sometimes even more than medication, the individual just needs emotional support and encouragement. Only after the critical stage has passed can the patient receive complete treatment as their mind and body have overcome the initial withdrawal phase.

How do you treat alcoholism?
According to Doctor Lembke alcoholism is a biosocial disease affecting social, biological, and psychological; thus, the treatment is also aimed at treating these three areas. Treatment includes prescribed medications, group therapy, and lifestyle changes like not attending functions where alcohol is consumed.