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There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to choosing Alberta eyeglasses over contacts. Both options have benefits and inconveniences. While contacts form to fit your eyes and provide less worry about breakage or loss, they require more maintenance; you must be sure to take them out nightly and keep them hydrated in solution, plus they can be painful or uncomfortable. With Alberta optical lenses, you can rest knowing they are made from plastics like CR 39 and polycarbonate, which reduces the risk of breakage and weigh less than glass.
With Alberta eyeglasses you can easily take them on and off as need be. Instead of getting out of bed after a night of relaxed reading to dig into your eyeballs and peal contacts off, you can simply set your Calgary eyewear on your nightstand and drift off to sleep.
Glasses have a rich history behind them. The earliest evidence for their use is seen in Tomasso Da Modenas portrait of the cardinal Hugh De Provence reading in a scriptorum, painted in 1352. With Alberta eyeglasses, one has options. Easy cleaning of lenses are possible due to hydrophobic coatings, as are antireflective coatings, which reduce glare, better night vision and better visibility of the wearers eyes.
Alberta eyeglasses have become highly fashionable recently. 64 percent of Americans wear eyeglasses; many do so even if they do not need to. US senator Barry Goldwater and comedian Drew Carey both kept wearing nonprescription glasses, even though they received contacts and laser eye surgery, respectively.