Have Fun With Your Kids at Any Price Point

With kids spending so much time on the screens, it has become hard to get them to do other activities. However, at different price points, you can find entertaining things to do that both of you will enjoy and get them away from screens. 1. Low-price points a. Go for a picnic You can have … Read more

Making a Career Out of Your Hobbies

making a career

Remember the old saying “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life?” Well, a lot of people are really taking that to heart and are making a career out of what they love to do. Tapping into your passion when making a career will ensure that you look … Read more

The Top Myths and Misconceptions About Buying and Owning a Home

Buying your first home is no easy task. In fact, there are several myths and misconceptions about the entire process, which can cloud one’s understanding even further. If you are in the process of searching for the perfect place to live, continue reading. Here are the top misconceptions about buying and owning your first home. … Read more

Has You Business Ever Sold Any of Its Debt to a Collection Agency?

A recent episode from a hospital drama series showed one chief of staff taking the time to consider a unique approach to debt collection. Threatened with the fact that the board of directors was going to sell the outstanding debts to a debt collection agency, the chief of staff was desperate to find another solution. … Read more

Use a Mortgage Company to Help Close the Best Home Loan

Shopping for a home can be a tedious search. Even more than the home itself is the search for the proper home loan and the mortgage company that is able to match you with the proper lender. With the entire process being one that takes a great amount of time, the overall search needs to be a careful one.

Types of Loans

Mortgages and other loans are available in many different types. Some require a specific percentage of down payment along with a set annual percentage rate that compounds over the term of the loan. Some mortgages have an interest rate that is flexible, otherwise known as adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). Sometimes with the different ups and downs of the real estate markets, there are home loans taken on that end up being a great failure in the end.

Tools Offered by a Mortgage Company for Your Home Loan

Planning for your mortgage is a challenge, especially considering the monthly budget that may seem acceptable even though issues may arise that

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Why a Car Loan Will Help You Obtain the Vehicle of Your Dreams

The amount of car loans in America continue to increase every year. Loans are used for everything we need in our daily lives nowadays, from our homes to the universities we have attended to those for our vehicles. Many people are unsure of how to get a personal loan when it comes to their vehicle, especially when they need it in a timely manner. The other issue is that many people don’t understand the many types of loans that are available to them, such as the vehicle registration loan, which is used as collateral on a vehicle even when there are existing liens on a vehicle.

The Popularity of Loans in Our Personal Lives

Loans are growing in popularity, especially for those who need an instant title loan, vehicle registration loan, or any other type of vehicle-related loan in a timely manner. In 2017, an astounding $568.6 billion was owed in car loans that others took out at any given time. In fact, auto loans pay for most of the vehicles that are on our roadways today. Ne

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Getting a Car Title Loan

Most American adults today live with the fact that loans and paying off debts are a natural part of being a responsible adult, and knowing where to get a good loan deal, and what to borrow money for, can help a person finance many things in their lives, anything from wedding items like the venue or suits all the way to financing a home or a car, and college students often take out loans to pay for their tuition. Borrowing money to pay for cars is an especially common cause for debt among American adults, but this process does not have to be intimidating or shameful; financing cars this way is common, and many dealerships are ready and willing to help their customers get the right financing for new and used cars. People looking for a personal loan can look into other means of borrowing money as well, such as auto title loans. What does it mean to get a title loan fast for a car owner today? Can you really get loan money the same day you apply? Getting this type of personal loan means kn

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Identity Fraud keeps occuring, why?

Identity Fraud was big in 2016
In 2016, identity fraud was at an all-time high.
Many social media accounts were hacked and as a result, the accounts plagued banks and businesses.
Not only, cell-phone accounts were hacked.
This occurs by criminals gaining access to financial accounts when consumers use two-factor authentication involving a text message or token app.
Even credit card services such as credit .com , got hacked , which isn’t good because those sites have you social security card number, and host of other classified information.
It died down, somewhat, but identity fraud is still apparent.
In 2017, credit card fraud accounted for 16.8% of all identity theft.
That same year, Equifax, had a breach that exposed personal data of 145 million people.
This was daunting because this credit company is the largest bureau in the U.S. 54% of companies claim they are only “somewhat confident,” of the security that they have.

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